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Eve and SAL #1

Sal Brownfield began a series of ten paintings of a cross-section of people impacted by breast cancer who were like his friends, family, neighbors. Nearly two years later eighteen  Celebration of Healing paintings, 5’ x 4’ oil and shellac, were exhibited at Tew Galleries. At the gallery opening the response was so strong Sal and Eve understood they needed to put together a book.  Sal completed four additional paintings, including one of his 88 year old mother diagnosed three months after the show.  She agreed to model on the condition “I will not take my clothes off!”

As Sal worked with the models he realized “There’s too much here for me to capture in paint,” and asked Eve Hoffman if she’d interview the models and write their stories.  She was working on Red Clay, her first book of poetry, but agreed to take on the project.  Eve listened to stories of hair loss.  “I felt like a little girl until my pubic hair came back.”  But that was only a small part of the narratives.  Stories of balancing darkness and light.  “There was a war going on inside my body and I wasn’t a participant.”  Stories of community in unexpected ways.  “Priests created a space in the friary, where no women had been, to take care of a friend diagnosed and alone.”  “Dinner guests took turns wearing my wig.  The laughter, healing!”  Husbands attending every chemo treatment; a husband walking out.  And myths.  “No need to worry, Asians don’t get cancer.”  “Do you think you got breast cancer because you got hit in the chest with a tennis ball?”



Sal Brownfield’s  career began when he sold his first piece at eight years old.   For him art is a way to investigate the improbable life of human beings, to understand the journey. Transition and transformation are central to his work. The conjunction of art and ethics and activism key. Among his commissions: eight paintings based on creations myths for the United Nations Expo in Genoa; a painting of St. Francis for the Hermes family in Paris. His series Metamorphosis includes eleven butterfly paintings with caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. Sal has worked with twenty troubled boys in a treatment facility painting a fifteen foot diptych for their space – witnessing some of their metamorphosis through art. His  work has been shown in galleries across the United States as well as in El Salvador and Italy and is in numerous private collections. Sal has been a fellow at The Hambidge Center of Arts and Science and lectured at Emory University through the Art and Ethics program of the Center for Ethics. His current work falls under the rubric of Testimony and Shelter and includes Shot Wood, an installation that demonstrates the power of commonly used firearms.  Sal serves on the Board of the Hudgens Center for the Arts and was awarded the 2014 ArtWorks Fusion Award for Community Impact of  Visual Artist.  


Eve Hoffman likes Guernsey cream and dirt roadsis known as a strategic thinker, social entrepreneur, writer and poet. She has been published by the Georgia Humanities Council, Emory University Center for Ethics, Finishing Line Press (RED CLAY), New Southerner, Southern Women’s Review, Five Oaks Press (SHE) and online. Her new collection MEMORY & COMPLICITY forthcoming in Spring 2018 from Mercer University Press. Her work is included in performances of the Senior Ensemble of The Academy Theatre. Hoffman founded and published three anthologies of Georgia K-12 public school student writing. She has worked with Georgia’s Poet of the Year, North Carolina’s Poet Laureate, as well as internationally recognized poets in Paris and been . a part of numerous intensive poetry workshops and readings including at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris.    Eve is one of thirty alumnae honored as Remarkable Women by her alma mater, Smith College, and identified by Georgia Trend as one of Georgia’s one hundred influential leaders.

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